November Workouts


Gentlemen, as we talked about on the Zoom meeting – here are our workouts for November. There are 5 in total. The idea is to do 3-4 per week – you can choose them as you see fit, just don’t repeat one workout in the same week.

There are options for those of you who have access to weights and options for a similar workout for those of you that don’t. Even if you DO have access to weights, there are some big advantages to incorporating the “non-weighted” workouts as well. So mix and match the 10 included. The priority is to get the work done so we can get stronger AND lay a good foundation for upcoming speed work.

Each workout starts with a warm-up and ends with a cool down. I TOTALLY understand just wanting to skip that stuff and dive into just “doing the work” but please know that the effectiveness of this approach will substantially reduce the overall gains of the work cycle and also increases the chances of soreness (making getting in enough work per week challenging) and increases the chance for injury/wear as well.


The non-weighted workouts make many references to “sandbags” – please use the video below and construct 2 for yourself. One that weighs 20-25# and one that is 50-70#. The one exception to the video, don’t use gravel – use sand – you can find it at Home Depot ( in total, you should be able to build both sandbags for around $12.

Here are the workouts – get started today, we will be checking in.

If you have questions, reach out and ask, don’t sit there and wonder.

Use the form below for questions – that way everyone can benefit from seeing the answers.


Coach Hank