Tiger Update 16 September 2020

Email Notifications

Hello All,

Just wanted to update everyone about the start of fall practices. Yes, we were given the okay to start practices and then the school district changed their minds regarding baseball. The district said we could only practice on the days that softball was not either practicing or playing a game. Since the news of the new ruling, we will not be able to have a consistent day. Our schedule would be all over the board. Knowing that kids work and coaches work, this would make it difficult to schedule. We are not going to practice this fall. This hurts me to say because I think it gives the kids an outlet for the current pandemic. I was hoping that CHSAA would allow fall sports and this would help us out, but there is still no new news. If things should change, we will get a new schedule out.

News item for the kids set up on Field Level. We will have a Zoom or Webex meeting tomorrow at 9:00pm and emails will go out to those involved. I am having Coach Hank do the presentation since he is in the middle of recruiting with Holden so he can share what has been successful for them.

Hope we can get together soon.

Coach Newton